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They Knew Mr. Knight

The Blake family typifies many English middle-class families. Thomas and Celia Blake have two daughters and one son. There is Douglas, who longs to be a chemist but is expected to follow in his father’s (and grandfather’s) family business. There … Continue reading

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The Tuscan Child

Somewhere in between cosy mystery and historical fiction, this was my first read by Rhys Bowen. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it moved along quickly for me (mainly because I just had to find out what was going to happen!) … Continue reading

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It was with a huge sigh that I finished the last few pages of “Grant” and closed the book. This may be the longest book I have yet read (no, I haven’t read “Les Miserables” yet! it’s on my list!) … Continue reading

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Hiding in the Light

A very inspiring story, both tragic and encouraging. When my daughter ordered this from the library she told me, ‘you have to read this Mom!’ It is quite eye-opening. Rifka Bary is brought up in an abusive, restrictive home (some … Continue reading

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Miss Buncle’s Book

Barbara Buncle lives in the small village of Silverstream. She is able to live comfortably on her ‘dividends’ (although her coat and hat are a little ‘shabby’), but when her bank account begins to run low, she realizes it’s time … Continue reading

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