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Second Wind

Another fast moving Dick Frances novel, this time *not* about the race-course. If you like learning about hurricanes, flight, weather, and physics, this is the book for you. Suspenseful, it will keep you guessing until the end (and I guessed … Continue reading

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The Edge

Tor Kelsey, orphaned at a young age, was brought up by his aunt. His aunt loved to go to the racecourse, so Tor is very familiar with horses, racing, and has a wide, versatile knowledge of personalities. Although he is … Continue reading

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Tim Ekaterin’s parents were rich… up to a point. Enjoying a privileged upbringing of comfort and ease, Tim’s memories included lavish vacations and going to the races. “I had been their only child and they’d given me a very good … Continue reading

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Nine Coaches Waiting

Linda Martin’s life changed dramatically when she lost her parents at a young age and landed in an orphanage in England. Her English father and mostly-French mother had taught her well; she spoke both languages fluently and supported herself taking … Continue reading

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Evidence of Mercy

Loved this one by Terri Blackstock! Jake is self-assured, financially secure, confident with the ladies, and he takes pride in his red Porsche. An airline pilot, he knows there is just one thing he needs; “…he tried to concentrate on … Continue reading

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The Venetian Affair

I seem to be in the mood for cloak-and-dagger type fiction these days, as I seem to be on a MacInnes kick! This book moved faster than the others I have read (so far) by this author (in fact, I … Continue reading

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The Hidden Target

A very suspenseful espionage novel that kept me reading late at night! Nina O’Connell is in London at university when she is offered a spot on a caravan (in the U.S. we would call it a trailer or motor-home) with … Continue reading

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