The Hidden Target

The Hidden Target

A very suspenseful espionage novel that kept me reading late at night!

Nina O’Connell is in London at university when she is offered a spot on a caravan (in the U.S. we would call it a trailer or motor-home) with a group touring Europe during summer vacation. Since her father’s remarriage and subsequent distant stepmother (who does *not* invite Nina to join them at the Maryland seashore this year), Nina’s choice is an easy one. Why not join the group?

(Because two of them are terrorists, that’s why.)

Thankfully Nina has a close acquaintance, an ex-NATO disarmament expert, who is presently (and secretly) working to set up an international intelligence ring. Bob Renwick and his friends are led on a merry chase across Europe and Asia as they seek to ‘catch’ their quarry; some high-level terrorists.

What a timely book to read! Of course this is dated; MacInnes (whose husband was M15) very cleverly keeps the reader’s interest as one event leads to the next, and the reader is just about jumping off their seat to find out if Nina and her friend Madge will ever escape these dangerous men. If nothing else, this book brings home the reality of what many undercover operators risk in their jobs; losing their life being the ultimate price to pay.

“The will of the majority,” Crefeld said. “That’s your measure?”
“That’s the way votes are counted, Jake.”
“In a free country,” Crefeld reminded him.
Renwich nodded agreement.
“But what if resistance fighters or revolutionaries find they don’t have a majority of the people behind them? Are they then terrorists?”
“If they use bullets and bombs to gain power over a majority that wants none of their ideas – yes, that’s what they have become: terrorists.”

There were times when I found it a bit hard to follow as the author changes perspective with the characters and although it is well done, sometimes I did get a little weary trying to follow all of the innuendos and information.  However I did enjoy this fast-paced book and will continue to read more of MacInnes!


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