Agatha Christie

Sleeping MurderA nice light mystery and Agatha Christie never disappoints! This time I spotted the perpetrator early on, but the author kept me guessing even so, as the twists and turns she threw in complicated the search for the culprit.

After reading a long historical fiction novel I was ready for Christie’s deft touch with down-to-earth characters.

Giles and Gwenda are newlyweds looking for a home in England. Gwenda, although born in England, had been raised in New Zealand. She is happy and excited when she finds a home place that seems perfect for the two of them and dives into furnishing and setting up house. But childhood memories soon begin to surface. Gwenda becomes more and more anxious as she realizes that this particular house has a dark atmosphere that will affect her future happiness.

However Miss Marple comes to the rescue once again! Complete with knitting, common sense, and her sage advice, Miss Marple helps the young couple seek out and find the answers to Gwenda’s past and present.

“An elderly parlourmaid entered the room with a telegram on a salver which she handed to Gwenda… Gwenda tore it open. It had been retelgraphed on from Dillmouth. She stared at it for a moment or two uncomprehendingly, then screwed it into a ball.

“There’s no answer,” she said mechanically.

The maid left the room.

“Not bad news, I hope, dear?”

“It’s Giles – my husband. He’s flying home. “He’ll be here in a week.”

Her voice was bewildered and miserable. Miss Marple gave a gentle little cough.

“Well – surely – that is very nice, isn’t it?”

“Is it? When I’m not sure if I’m mad or not? If I’m mad, I ought never to have married Giles. And the house and everything. I can’t go back there….”


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