Mrs. Tim Flies Home

Mrs. Tim Flies HomeMrs. Tim Flies Home by D.E. Stevenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This final book in the Mrs. Tim series, was like the others, a light, pleasant and fun read!

Hester Christie has now returned from Kenya where Tim is stationed. She has leased a house in the village of Old Quinings, and, coincidentally, she meets a future neighbor on the train coming home from London. On her way back, Hester has a stopover in Rome and she also comes across their old friend Tony Morley there, which is to have dire consequences for her later on.

But meanwhile, there are the usual new friends to make, (and more of the old to catch up with), and another romance that will need Hester’s sage advice and tact to help along. There will be a nice twist at the end which is not too great of a surprise, but very satisfying, as the villain in this novel is really not a likable character.

Hester’s children are growing up, and Hester has mixed feelings about their independence and maturity. We meet Hester’s old friend Grace’s twins who enjoy playing pranks upon her neighbors and enjoy Betty, Hester’s daughter, being the belle of the ball at her first ‘grown-up’ dance.

Perhaps reading three of the “Mrs. Tim” books in succession was a bit overdone for me, as this book did not move as quickly for me. However it is a worthwhile read nonetheless as I came across Hester’s life lessons and informative observations.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I explain. “The kind of love you’re talking about is very wonderful no doubt, but when you’ve been married for over twenty years you love one another in quite a different way. You’re partners in the game of life, you’re necessary to one another. It’s a far bigger thing than – than physical attraction which does not last.”

“But in many cases -“

“No, it does not,” I tell her. “It may develop into the other kind of love – the kind I’m talking about – or it may die a natural death. Only time can tell which of the two things will happen.”


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