Doing Dunnett

I have been reading book reviews about Dorothy Dunnett for quite some time.  Reviewers seem so excited about her writing!  I tried “King Hereafter” some months ago, (Dunnett’s fictional book about Macbeth), and found I just couldn’t do it… I made it over halfway through and had to put it aside!

My next attempt in my Dunnett journey, was to read “Niccolo Rising”.  I picked it up a few days ago from the library and have made it about one-third of the way through, but started to get discouraged.  So many characters and incidents, and will I ever be able to put it all together?  I am finding myself confused and wondering, is this really worth the journey?

(Do I want to spend my (recreational reading) time on this?)  I have a whole pile of books ready and waiting for me to read… I have noticed that a few reviewers admitted that they came to the conclusion that Dunnett was not for them.

I love historical fiction, I love good writing and good plots, and everyone seems agreed that Dunnett is very good at what she does.  So, then I looked up some book reviews, avoiding any that looked to contain spoilers.  After all I still want to discover for myself, what transpires, should I decide to continue reading!

I was able to pick up “Niccolo” once I read this review here:

Who can deny the writer’s excitement about reading this book?

So.  How about you?  do you find you have to persevere through some books to discover the gold at the end of the rainbow?  do you continue to read books that are difficult, hoping to find it all worth it in the end?

Such is where I am with “Niccolo Rising” today.


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