Library Pile

Well I had fun at the library!

It is unbelievable, but I have never tried Angela Thirkell.  So many book reviewers on the blogs I read love her…. so, I am going to give her “High Rising” a whirl.

Daphne DuMaurier is a favorite, although “Rebecca” and “The King’s General” are the two novels of hers that I have always liked most.  I wanted to re-visit “Jamaica Inn” after seeing the review on Shelf Love here, and it’s been since my college years that I have read this one (and don’t ask me how long ago that was!  : )

I love reading *about* literature so I am giving Francine Prose’s “How to Read Like a Writer” a try, and I got a little carried away in the historical fiction category, since I brought home both Sharon Penman and Dorothy Dunnett.  However I have these books on my library card for a month, with a chance to renew once, so I should be able to handle these (telling myself this of course!!!  : )

And, to give myself a breather and tackle something a little lighter, I am going to try Heyer’s “Sprig Muslin” that Becky raves about.  Heyer is fairly new to me also, so this is only the third try for her writing for me.

Looking forward to some fun reads!  Now that we are approaching the end of winter, I hope you too have a good book to curl up with!


About Theresa

I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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2 Responses to Library Pile

  1. And more convergences… I love Rebecca, and I have read Jamaica Inn and loved the description of the moors, though to me, the story got weaker toward the end… but still stays as a great book. I had started The King’s General, and I was liking it… but too many reads got me sidetracked. I also am wanting to try a book by Thirkell, I hear her everywhere too.
    I live in Texas with my two girls whom I homeschool, in an urban subdivision with a bit of country too. I love only tea, LOL.
    Now with you I have another blog where to come for inspiration and good reads.

    You have new to me authors as your favorites, and other known ones whom I also love.

    I am glad I found you!

  2. …forgot to click on follow

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