The Corner Shop

The Corner ShopThe Corner Shop by Elizabeth Cadell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three and a half stars…for an easy, light read.

The first half of the book was fun and engaging. Lucille decides to go see for herself why her competent and capable secretaries are not lasting more than a day with the new position she finds for them. She has one day to solve this puzzle before her trip to Paris and her impending marriage becomes a reality.

“Her way of life, she knew, was about to change. She would marry Malcolm Donne and become the mother of his children and live on a farm and become familiar with cows and bulls and hounds and horses. As lives went, it would be a good one; she was lucky and she ought to be feeling thankful and happy.

But she was feeling far from happy“.

Once Lucille gets to Paris and we meet her selfish aunt, the plot begins to become more complicated and my reading got a little bogged down. Three additional women become involved in the plot and although the author does a good job with characterization, it became a little complicated for me.

What has happened to all the pictures in the professor’s house, pictures painted by his amateur mother that are suddenly sought after? was his mother after all, a professional artist, and no one knew it?

“She did not know how long she stood there, but when at last she moved, it was with swiftness and purpose.  She had only one idea: to get in touch with the professor.  He could no longer stand aside watching events with amused tolerance.  His housekeeper could no longer be regarded as honest; she was handling stolen property.”

We meet Lucille’s overbearing but respectable fiance and try to decide with her what she should do with her life.

“The Corner Shop” is perhaps not Cadell’s best novel, but one that keeps the reader’s interest. The new friendships Lucille makes during her time in Paris, helping her discover that sometimes the past can be redeemed, and the complicated solving of the mystery of the disappearing art, all make for a good read.


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