A Pocket Full of Rye

 A Pocket Full of RyeA Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars<

I am once again back to the tried-and-true authors…those that I have found over the years to be refreshing, enjoyable, comforting, or for whatever other reason, simply worth another read!

“A Pocket Full of Rye” fits the bill. Agatha Christie has done it again with characters that make the reader gasp, chuckle, or marvel outright at their blatant lack of good taste!

I remembered some of the plot as I went along but in no way did my memory affect my enjoyment of this mystery (especially since, over the years, I have learned NOT to trust entirely to memory!)

Who poisoned Mr. Fortescue? there is a small circle of household servants and family that could have done this most dastardly deed (but sadly and true to nature, there were also those among the family who had plenty of motive to do so!)

Why did Inspector Neele keep asking about blackbirds? could there possibly be a link between that and the rye that was found in Mr. Fortescue’s pocket?

Of course the reader also discovers a few characters they cannot help but empathise with. Pat is delightful in her own way and her history tugs at the reader’s heart. Pat’s husband, the reformed Lancelot, is another character that is mysteriously engaging in his sense of poking fun at the staid and oh-so-(sickeningly)-correct older brother, Percival.

“Miss Marple…said sharply, …”I do so agree with you, Inspector. Wherever there is a question of gain, one has to be very suspicious. The great thing to avoid is having in any way a trustful mind.”

In spite of himself, Neele smiled.

“Always think the worst, eh?” he asked.

It seemed a curious doctrine to be proceeding from this charming and fragile-looking old lady.

“Oh yes,” said Miss Marple fervently. “I always believe the worst. What is so sad is that one is usually justified in doing so.”

A “Miss Marple” mystery, one is left guessing until the end…does Inspector Neele really NEED Miss Marple to help him solve this case? Will he discover the true perpetrator, and restore justice to this small circle of London society?

For a quick and pleasurable read, one cannot do better than to pick up “A Pocket Full of Rye”.

“I think, you know,” said Miss Marple, “that you’re being a little too dogmatic.”

Inspector Neele paid no attention.

“Just one person,” he said grimly.

He got up and went out of the room.



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